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Common Sense CX 2019: A different kind of CX event

Customer experience (CX) advice is not hard to find. Countless luminaries will tell you in blog posts, on Twitter, and in byline articles about how to promote a “customer-centric” culture, the value of delighting customers, and use any number of buzzwords to express what we all know: keeping customers happy is good, doing things that make them sad is bad.

But how do you deliver a great customer experience?

We’ll soon be headed to Chicago, where Luminoso will be the lead sponsor for the Common Sense CX Summit 2019 (CSCX19), June 3 to 5 at the Drake Hotel.

The goal behind CSCX19 is a little different than typical CX events. It’s designed for CX executives to connect and collaborate, discuss issues and trends, and lead the conversation around answers and best practices to industry challenges. This makes it less of a conference and more of a peer gathering of CX leaders and decision-makers actively looking for answers, sharing learnings, and collaborating for success to solve real industry problems.

As our VP of Marketing Jeff Foley has said, “It's easy for customer experience events to become about platitudes and theories, rather than real-life examples and common-sense practices. By bringing together these CX practitioners to share what's really happening, we expect everyone to walk away from these two days with their heads full of ideas to try back at the office."

The event agenda includes CX speakers from global organizations such as Allstate, Bank of America, Fitbit, and Unilever. Executives from Mastercard, Hawaiian Airlines, and UPS are also attending.

Delivering a great customer experience does not require some magic formula. It’s about putting the customer first, and learning from mistakes when they happen. Hearing about war stories, technology innovations, and failed experiments at meetups and events like these is the best way to benefit from each others’ collective knowledge, so we can all deliver a great customer experience.

Common Sense CX 2019 will be held June 3 to 5 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.

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