Getting started

For all Luminoso on-site deployments

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for Luminoso deployments are 4vCPUs and 16 GiB of RAM. This requirement is for relatively low workloads. Please upgrade your instance size based on workload and performance expectations if needed. If you select an instance type below the specifications above Luminoso functionality will not work as intended.This configuration will not include Concept-Level Sentiment.

To access Concept-Level Sentiment in your Luminoso on-site virtual machine, you must at minimum attach a GPU that is appropriate for your instance type.

Luminoso Compass instructions

Luminoso Compass install and update instructions have not changed from v2.3. Use the most recent credentials your CSM provides to you and follow the v2.3 instructions for your hosting type.

For AWS and Azure installations – Scale up or down your vCPU or GPU resources

You may change the amount of vCPU or GPU resources after your initial deployment depending on your organization’s needs by changing the hosting machine’s instance type. The method will be slightly different depending on if your organization uses Azure or AWS.

If Concept-Level Sentiment is processing slowly, increasing your GPU resources will allow for faster processing. Alternately, you may scale down your GPU resources if speed is not important to you. We recommend discussing these options with your CSM.

To change your machine’s instance type:

Microsoft Azure

Install Luminoso Daylight On-Site


To use Luminoso on-site for Azure, you must have a valid Azure subscription and Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI) installed on your machine. Luminoso provides on-site image(s) per contract, shared with the Azure tenant ID you provide.

Provide the deployment region and tenant ID

Before Luminoso can share an image to your organization, you must provide the following information to your Luminoso CSM:

  • Your Azure tenant ID

  • The Azure region where you will be deploying the Luminoso on-site image

You must provide this information several business days before you plan to deploy the image provided by Luminoso, so these instructions are here for reference. Your tenant ID is a string of letters and numbers that is separate from your subscription ID.

To find your tenant ID

Set up the Azure Environment for Luminoso VM Deployment

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