Use the Galaxy feature to see how strong conceptual relationships are in the context of your entire project. The size of a concept in the visualization indicates how relevant it is in the project. Related concepts cluster together by theme. Since the view is dynamic, you can drag concepts in the space to realign the axis. Highly related concepts group more closely while less related concepts rotate away.

Create a new project from selected data

After you spend some time with your data, consider using Daylight’s learning ability to gain new insights from a smaller data set. When you create a new project from filtered data, you include only the data you selected in your filters. QuickLearn then recalculates the association between concepts, giving you new calculations that are displayed in the Volume, Sentiment, Drivers, and Galaxy features. The new project retains the metadata you added when you created the original project.

The Create project from selected matches option is available in every feature.

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