Luminoso Daylight

Luminoso Daylight® is an application for analyzing conversational text, such as support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and product reviews.

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Identify key project insights before taking a closer look.

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See the full picture of how people perceive and write about your organization.

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Analyze and report on the presence of sentiment in text data.

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Analyze mixed datasets, correlating text feedback with numeric ratings.

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Visualize how concepts relate to each other and identify themes.

Immediate insights.

No assembly required.

No need for setup, collecting training data or designing ontologies to get started. Explore datasets in minutes after upload.

Automate the feedback

review process.

Free your teams from manually mining feedback for insights so they can address the things that matter most to the people you serve.

Find things you weren't

even looking for.

Daylight understands words and phrases it's never seen to surface previously unknown issues and trends, empowering you to take action.

No code necessary.

No data science, coding, or specialized knowledge is needed to explore insights from text in Daylight.

Unparalleled natural language understanding.

Supported by QuickLearn® technology, Luminoso has a common-sense understanding of the world and how humans communicate natively in 15 different languages.

Express for Luminoso Daylight is the fastest way

for teams to get started with no-code text analytics.

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