AI-powered text analytics.
No code needed.

Luminoso builds natural language analytics products for leading insights professionals.

For CX and customer insights professionals

Uncover topics driving satisfaction and experience metrics to address what matter most to your customers.

For HR and employee experience professionals

Analyze open-ended employee feedback to truly understand key issues impacting your workforce.

For market researchers and consultants

Understand market insights across any domain without coding to deliver high-quality client deliverables. 

Turn text data into business-critical insights.

AI-powered technology,

humanlike understanding.


At-a-glance insights without manual work or code.

Luminoso allows users at all technical levels, and across any industry or use case to analyze unstructured text –

no data science experience required.

The rigor of quantitative analytics – for text.

Keeping a pulse on key metrics and indicators means getting a full, nuanced picture of what people are saying. Go beyond surface level findings with the ability to truly analyze open-ended text feedback.

C Space

"Instantly analyze text data – 

even in specialized domains."


Experience the fastest way

to analyze your text data.