Luminoso Compass

Automatically categorize streaming data into topics and detect trends in real time.

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Understand in the moment

Tap into streaming conversation and take the pulse of your customers, workforce, and marketplace. Compass distills erratic, large-scale discussion into digestible topics so you can seize opportunities as they arise, address issues before they become problems, and gauge opinion in real time.

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Listen dynamically

Compass learns and adapts to new data on its own - it doesn't depend on keyword sets, dictionaries, or other human-guided methods. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it identifies and understands new themes, topics, and language within feedback without human supervision.

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Unearth root causes and drivers

Machines can often find connections where humans don't. Compass uses machine learning to find similarities within data and group them for deeper analysis - thereby unearthing root causes and illuminating key drivers in your data.

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See the insights that only Compass could uncover.

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